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YGS Wish List

YGS Wish List

As there are many items listed here some are more important than others. Being an Internet-based organization, computer hardware is definately on our wish list. An ultimate wish list would include the best of the best in computer hardware, but we will gladly accept any computer hardware that we can put to use on our network. We would like to deploy a distributed server environment, where certain tasks are delegated by individual servers, so we need several computers. We are open to any and all suggestions.


Staff Support

Our biggest wish list item, is of monetary support for our staff. We would like to be able to pay a staff of 3 to 4 people to help get our organization off the ground. We estimate this to cost anywhere between $100,000 - $180,000 to cover insurance, salary, and benefits. This staff would operate all our national projects and programs.

Operating Support

As we can continue to work out of our homes in the infancy of the organization, there will be a time when we will require an office. This will obviously be a big ticket item to add to our budget. We will need to to consider office rent, insurance, security, and general office expenses.

Program Develop and Support / Marketing

Our programs will require evaluation and studies of effectiveness in order to qualify for future grants and programs. New programs may require additional human resources and/or computer resources. Outreach beyond the Internet may be possible, with printed publications, of which will present a new cost to the organization. Marketing materials for the organization may also include printed publications, advertising, and additional non-Internet-based outreach.

Office Supplies

Banner Paper
Paper Clips (all kinds)
Masking Tape
Transparent Tape
File Folders
Labels (Avery)

Office Equipment

Supply Cabinet
File Cabinets
Fax Machine
An office (do you have space to donate in DC?)


Computer Supplies

Printer Toner (HP LaserJet 4L, HP LaserJet 6MP)
Backup Tape
Zip Disks

Computer Hardware

Computers (PC, Mac, Unix)
Monitor/keyboard switch box
Tape backup/Auto Loader
Category 5 Cable
Ethernet Hubs/Switches
Digital Camera (for event publicity and marketing)
Software (licensed) (please contact us for details)
Software Specific: Tango, Cold Fusion, NT Server, Solaris


Auction Items / Other Donations

If you have something you think you would make an ideal auction item that we could use at a fundraising function or if you have some other item you would like to donate, please contact us.

If you would like to make a donation of any of the above items, please email us and let us know and we will arrange pickup and/or mailing instructions.

YGS Executive Staff


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